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We are aware how long it has been since our previous newsletter but rest assured we have not been idle!
Much has happened in India.
Prakash, our homeopathic student is now into his second year of study and has started attending ward rounds. He is enjoying his course and has gained a reputation as a good student. Dr. Balasubramani, the homeopathic doctor who undertakes fortnightly clinics in villages in our area, has made an amazing difference to the health of the patients attending.

At the moment many villagers have Chikun Gunia – similar to flu but with long lasting symptoms – and most of them are showing great improvement after his treatment. We are so amazed by the support Dr. B. is showing for this project as he has only one day off a week from his usual work and has to travel for over two and a half hours by two buses just to reach the clinic from his home in the nearest city.

Malene Vlarsen has made a second visit to work in the clinics and followed up some of her cases. Colin Symon from the UK, also a homeopathic practitioner, travelled there at the beginning of the year as well, treated many people and cut the ribbon for our new (rented) clinic and office room.
As you can see from this photo, sanitation and general environmental matters are of enormous importance to local villagers who are themselves taking positive action to improve their situation.

Terrible Image
Xavier, our ‘man on the spot’ recently attended a two day ‘Natural Farmers Movement’ meeting that took place near his home village. CHATI has been registered as one of the members. It appears that much interest is now being shown in various parts of India for a more natural way of farming to counteract the reliance on chemically supported agriculture and the reaction by villagers to the big chemical manufacturers and inventors of the
Terminator’ gene as they realise these will destroy all their knowledge of sustainable ways of producing food. The Indian government is now also supporting sustainable agriculture and is starting to provide training for farmers so all our efforts are going in the right direction, albeit very slowly. We now own a total of four acres of land, a deposit has been put down on a further one and a half acres and more is being negotiated. This would mean that we will have eight acres. By careful negotiation Xavier has managed to keep the price low. A well is being widened and deepened and a stone building is being constructed which can be used for storage and for training courses for the farmers.

A different building as our base is now being rented in the village which is more secure than our previous one. It will mean Xavier can live there which is ideal as he will then be only fifteen minutes walk away from the main part of our land. It can be used as an office, a base for the clinics and visitor accommodation and hopefully a western style bathroom can be installed.

Xavier will be working full time` for CHATI from January 2007 and is currently working on a detailed five year plan and budget. His enthusiasm for everything we are all trying to achieve is quite fantastic. We feel that we should support him as much as possible and for this reason Janet Bedford left for India in November and will probably stay for a year. It is truly an exciting time for us all but……………..

As you can see, our projects are really taking off and Xavier has many ideas for broadening the work. However, we have now reached a situation where, despite the fundraising we have done this year, we have nearly run out of money. Unless we can fill the coffers very soon, the work will come to a halt with sad consequences for the people who were just starting to benefit from the work.

You have been so generous in the past, if you feel able to donate again we would really appreciate it. A donation form is enclosed – and thank you.

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