Apologies for the slight delay in this report, the conference was attended by over 200 people with a mixture of traditional healers, academics and qulaified veterinary practitioners. The first 2 days consisted of presentation by leading practitioners and researchers including the excellent work ongoing at the Foundation for Revitalisation of local health traditions (FRLHT). The last day concluded with demonstrations by traditional healers and an open forum for discussion. This discussion concluded with several points the primary point being that the traditional healers would seek and procure government recognition and funding: and to mainstram the system between ethnovets, medical vets and educational and research groups, with a league for pastoral people.

Currently medicinal plants on th herbal global market are worth $60 million with a growth of 12% per annum. India presently only provides 2% of the global herbal market  but with development it has the capacity to be the leading supplier.

India has over 45,000 species of plants and yet only 6000 are known to be used in  Indian systems of medicine, in addition out of the 265,000 species of flowering plants found globally only 0.5% have been studied in detail for chemical composition and medicinal value.

Presently 25% of drugs used today are derived from natural products. Sixty one percent of 877 NCE drugs introduced between 1981-2002 can be traced to a natural product origin, however in the past few years their has been a decline of NCE's from an average of 30 per year to about 17 per year, this correlating with the decreased interest in natural product chemistry.

To conclude the conference has highlighted that it is paramount to work alongside traditional healers to share knowledge and to allow ethnoveterinary to be taught alongside medical ethnoveterinay, a cohesion of practices and research is what is needed and India is making that giant step to achieve this goal.


Tholudur to Vadagarampoondi

The chai seller is busy with thirsty passengers in transit; they shade under the bamboo canopy, escaping the scorching sun.
Market holders with fresh produce from near and far, ply their trade along the road. Shoe repairers and tailors working tirelessly, despite the heat.
In the distance the highway traffic noise sings sinisterly in my ear.
The shops are busy, rickshaws travel up and down the mud road, overloaded with goods and passengers.
I feel tired, I must retreat. I board the bus, it’s crowded but I manage to find a window seat.
The bus departs, we slowly leave. The driver’s horn constantly sounding, resonating around me.
Suddenly we enter a different place, green paddy fields, coconut groves, flooded plains. Oxen pulling heavy loads, labourers in the field.
The road is uneven; each hole a reminder of what has been lost.
We enter Kalpoondi, the children are coming out of school, in their fresh bright uniforms, a sharp contrast to the dirt that envelopes them.
I continue until I reach our destination, I walk slowly through the village, the temple music plays. I reach the river that divides the chaotic from the serene.
I wade through the water, cleansing myself entirely and finally reach the far side.
I’ve entered a new realm, filled with hope for the future; my mind and heart are at peace.


For the past couple of yearsI have been suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. Having pursued the allopathic route to ease the pain in my wrist and hand, the Doctor informed me that the only cure would be an operation.

Then whilst in Auroville I met an experienced homeopath doctor from Catalonia in Spain. He asked me many questions and came up with the remedy of Rhus Tox 200 which I took for 4 days and noticed an amazing difference. I completed the course of 15 days and the pain has now completely gone.

Long live homeopathy

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