1 .The promotion and development of sustainable organic agriculture in the Cuddalore and Perambalur Districts of Tamil Nadu, India.

2. The relief of sickness and the promotion of good health in the Cuddalore and Perambalur Districts of Tamil Nadu, India, through the practice of complementary and alternative medicine.

In order to carry out the main objects, the Trust may :-

1. Purchase poor quality land with the purpose of demonstrating land improvement

2. Grow food and other crops for local consumption and local income generation.

3. Plant a wide variety of trees and also maintain a tree nursery as an outreach

4. Harvest, conserve and use water always with awareness of diminishing water table
levels locally and world wide.

5. Maximise the use of local materials, skills and labour.

6. Maximise the use of sustainable energy, especially solar.

7. Minimise the use of plastics, aluminium, batteries and other toxic and polluting

8. Establish a herbal garden and nursery for demonstration, local use and income

9. Work closely with local farmers.

10. Practice and teach healthy diet and hygiene.

11. Have a bank account from which staff members and participants may take small
loans on low interest for personal emergencies and/ or purchase of farming
equipment or livestock related to the trust's philosophy.

12. Participate in world-wide opportunities of sharing and learning in the form of a
library, internet, guest teachers and practitioners, guest accommodation, etc.

13. Enable local people to qualify in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).

14. Conduct training in primary CAM care.

15. Establish and maintain regular CAM clinics.

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